Welcome to the Cortland First Church of God!

Cortland First Church of God is a loving fellowship affiliated with the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana. We exist to bring Jesus Christ, His clear teachings and practices to our community, and beyond.  ALL are welcome and loved!

It is our desire that Everyone comes to know the forgiveness, mercy, and saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If you are looking for a loving and understanding church that teaches the truth and not opinion, look no further. Come and join us, as we worship our risen Savior, Jesus The Christ!


Due to the National Emergency dealing with the spread of COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending our worship services for safety reasons.  When it is determined to not be a health risk to those that would gather for worship, we will resume our regular services.

In the mean time Pastor Gary will post sermons/talks on our site for you spiritual edification and inspiration.  May you find Jesus near.


Thoughts from the Pastor’s desk